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The Link Between Educators  & Childcare Centres

Let's Make an Impact, One Link at a Time

We’re here to bridge the gap between early childhood educators and childcare centres. LinkEd Recruitment is more than just a business – it’s a heartfelt mission to serve as the missing link that brings together exceptional educators and centres that share a vision for the future. 

Led by our passionate Founder and Managing Director, Taryn Linnan, we have an extensive network and a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years across both the education and recruitment industries. Our mission is to provide the future generation with the best start to their learning. We understand the transformative power of quality educators and believe that the right match can contribute to making a significant impact. LinkEd Recruitment is poised to redefine the landscape of early childhood recruitment. Our journey begins with the commitment to deliver results that not only meet, but exceed expectations. 


“Our goal for LinkEd is to be recognised as an industry leader with a reputation for sourcing quality candidates, building exceptional relationships, and providing a quality service. This is consistently done with an honest and transparent approach. Our aim is to be your go–to link in early childhood recruitment.”


Our Guiding Principles

Our actions and dealing are driving by a set of core values that underpin every interaction we have with the individuals we connect with. 

Connection & Collaboration

We are dedicated to connecting with people and fostering collaboration between educators and childcare centres to create successful partnerships.

Excellence & Professionalism

We uphold the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in every aspect of our work, ensuring quality placements and delivering a high quality service to our clients and educators.

Integrity & Transparency

We operate with integrity, always being true to our word and maintaining honesty and transparency in every single interaction, building trust and reliability in our relationships.

Commitment to positive change

We are committed to making a positive change in the early childhood sector by working closely with exceptional educators and centres who share our passion for providing the best learning experiences for young children.

Positivity & Fun

We foster a positive and fun environment with every interaction, always looking on the bright side of situations and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for our clients and educators.

Your Connector in Education Recruitment

Heading the team at LinkEd Recruitment is our Founder and Managing Director, Taryn Linnan. With a natural talent for building positive relationships and her dedication to the education and recruitment sector, Taryn consistently exceeds expectations.

A primary school teacher for nine years, Taryn’s journey in recruitment has taken her to London, Sydney, and now to her current base in Brisbane. She has recruited in the education and healthcare sector for over ten years with five of those years being within the early childhood sector. She has continuously proven herself as a pivotal link between educators and early childhood centers, through her knowledge and understanding of what makes a quality educator and organisational cultural fit. Taryn can expertly match educators with childcare centres, fostering mutual growth and success for any organisation.

Having led the expansion of an education startup business from a team of one to six members in the space of eighteen months, Taryn has overseen both permanent and temporary placements within the early childhood and schools sector. Her track record of exceptional achievements demonstrates her capacity to facilitate remarkable outcomes and empower those she collaborates with. Taryn’s commitment to making a significant impact in the early childhood sector has always been what drives her to offer continuous support to educators and employers throughout their journey.

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